Nutritional Counseling Berkley MI

Nutritional Counseling Berkley MI

We completely understand that starting a new lifestyle can be a bit overwhelming.

That is why our coaching programs and sessions are based around making small changes to your current lifestyle. We’ve all been through yo-yo dieting, juice cleanses, and week long detoxes.

Our approach is much gentler.

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Healthy Food

Feeling sluggish? Not getting enough sleep? Fatigued or bloated? Dealing with headaches or tight, tension filled shoulders?

Your nutrition can prevent you from feeling and even looking your best, thus obstructing your experiences and your ability to fully enjoy any given moment. But every moment has the potential of being turned into a memory. One you may want to cherish for a long time.

This is why nutritional counseling is so impactful. It can completely transform your health by pinpointing causes, eradicating symptoms and giving you a whole new lease on life.

At Balanced Health and Wellness, we take your well-being and journey toward comprehensive healing very seriously. We want you to feel not only better, but empowered and properly equipped with all of the knowledge necessary to stay as healthy as possible.

One thing that our specialized and custom approach to clients has taught us, is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet or healing plan.

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Our Exemplary Nutrition Staff

Dr. Sarah Kirsch, chiropractor and owner of Balanced Health and Wellness, has always had a special interest in nutrition. In addition to her doctorate in chiropractic care, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science from Indiana University, another bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, and a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. She also has studied extensively in functional medicine and will be receiving her certification in November 2020. Dr. Kirsch feels strongly regarding giving her patients concrete answers.

Dr. Sarah Kirsch assists her by providing these services.

  • In-depth look at health history
  • Current struggles and goals
  • Clarify and review lab results
  • Order diagnostic tests and provide customizable plans toward healing
  • Pinpointing the root cause of ailments
Dr. Sarah Kirsch

Meet Jaclyn Renee

Jaclyn Renee, a Holistic Health Coach and Dr. Sarah Kirsch’s assistant, assists clients in healing their body using food and self-care as medicine. Having gone through many of her own illnesses including IBS and anxiety, Jaclyn entered the world of holistic health when countless doctors and tests were not supplying any answers or definitive healing approaches. She peels back the layers of common health issues that often begin within the gut, which she believes is the root cause of all disease. With personalized programs, meal plans, and lots of accountability she helps her clients uncover the true genesis of their symptoms and challenges. She takes into consideration the health history and goals of each individual and formulates personalized plans to meet the client where they are as to not overwhelm them with a big life change.

Jaclyn meets with her clients for:

  • One-on-one sessions in the office
  • Grocery store for tours and education
  • Pantry clean-outs and home prep
  • Cooking classes
  • Workshops at The Classroom

To book an appointment, please call Balanced Health and Wellness at 248.397.8122.

Jaclyn Renee

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