We offer high-end, personalized wellness services to the community of Berkley, MI and beyond. Our comprehensive and individualized treatment approach incorporates chiropractic care, therapeutic exercise, nutritional counseling, functional medicine, health coaching and massage therapy.


Our 3 Part Approach to Customized Care

You are unique so we have taken great care in developing an approach that focuses on YOU.
Our approach involves:

Digging deeper

We look beyond simply offering a diagnosis to uncover why you developed your condition in the first place. Perhaps your neck pain is coming from clenching your jaw because your stress levels are high. Or your chronic joint pain is due to poor dietary choices and poor gut health. Sure, we can adjust you to help you in the short term, but we want to treat the underlying cause to help you long-term.

Personalizing Your Pain

No two treatment plans are the same. Together we will come up with a plan that represents your goals and create a roadmap to get you there. Our plans include in-office care as well as changes you should be making at home. This may involve adaptations to your diet, workout regimen, lifestyle, sleep habits and more. We want to help you get better and give you the tools you need to stay that way.

Supporting you along the way

Just as we adapt our chiropractic care to support your improvement and evolving needs, we do the same with all our other services. For example, we tweak your nutrition plan along the way as your health improves or your needs change. And although our approach means you are actively engaged in taking care of your body, our team is readily available to guide you along the way.

Specializing in acute injury, chronic joint and muscle pain, inflammation, headaches, fatigue and more

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